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The  95  QUESTIONS  in

The Story of God and Man

Empowering 3 generations with a classic Biblical world view in a 192-page, full color, children’s picture book with 95 rhyming Q & A’s in ten sections and ten songs, in just 7 minutes a night!

Based on the Bible; The Heidelberg Catechism of 1563; The Westminster Shorter Catechism of 1647; and The Baptist Catechism of 1693.

DID YOU KNOW that the New England Primer of 1778 for first grade readers included The Westminster Shorter Catechism so that every child in their public school system could memorize all 108 Q & A’s about God and his ways, and thus be protected by a Biblical world view?  Well, since we are a very long way from those days, that glorious task now falls to grandparents, parents, pastors, teachers, churches, Christian schools, and home schools!

This is what inspired me to blend the three most influential Protestant catechisms in history; condense them into 95 rhyming, core Q & A’s; connect them with memorable images; and organize them into 10 sections/songs to make it crazy easy for 3 generations to discover the depths of God together with a trans-denominational Biblical world view!

If you can read a child a picture book . . . sing a song with them . . . and pray with them as you tuck them into bed in about 7 mintues every night (one section per week), the memorization process will be virtually automatic . . . for all of you!  And for even quicker results, just play the music in the car and at home, and encourage the use of it in your church and school (discounts on muliple orders) for an epic voyage of getting grounded in the foundations of the faith! 

May I invite you to scroll down to get a peek at the pages, text, and songs; click on the square icons to place an order; and launch your family on a journey that will bless you, literally, FOREVER?  I hope you will.  And if you do . . .

BON VOYAGE!   – Pastor Mark, Ft. Myers, Florida

Dr. Mark P. Gonzales has been a pastor for over 35 years; a radio Bible teacher, writer, and global speaker for 25 years; and is currently a pastoral consultant to over a hundred churches in southwest Florida, as the Executive Director of the Royal Palm Association of Churches, SBC.  You can reach him at 239-433-2292, or

Song #1 "The Knowledge of God" (Q & A's #1 - 6)

by Phillip Gonzales | The Story of God and Man – Musical Album

llll   Lead vocalist is Phillip Gonzales;  Background vocals by my friends and former Mormons — now a Christian band — Adam’s Road   llll

S O N G  #1   L Y R I C S

Q 1  Why is it that man is here?   A.  To glorify God forever with cheer.

Q 2  What book did He give us to direct us, His own?   A.  His infallible Scripture, the Bible alone.

Q 3 What do the Scriptures primarily teach?   A.  They teach what a man should believe, do, and preach?

Q 4  Who and what is our God up above?   A.  He is holy, eternal, He’s the Spirit, the dove.  He’s unchangeable wisdom, He is justice and love.

Q 5  Are there other true gods under the sun?   A.  Only our God is living, the Lord God is one.

Q 6  How many persons in the Godhead, yet still one?  

A.  There are three in once substance, all equal, all one.  God the Father, the Spirit, and Jesus the Son.


Related Scripture passages

Definitions of key words

Follow up discussion questions

Comparison with original catechism

Practical help for pastors & parents


Great gift for grandkids at Easter, Baptism, Christmas, or Birthday!


Section/Song #1  “The Knowledge of God”  (Q & A  1-6)

Section/Song #2  “The Power of God”  (Q & A 7-11)

Section/Song #3  “The Fall of Mankind”  (Q & A 12-16)

Section/Song #4  “The Misery of Sin”  (Q & A 17-20)

Section/Song #5  “The Gift of God’s Son”  (Q & A 21-28)

   (Same scope and sequence as the 3 historic catechisms.)

Section/Song #6  “The Work of God’s Spirit”  (Q & A  29-38)

Section/Song #7  “The Commandments of God”  (Q & A 39-72)

Section/Song #8  “The Salvation of Man”  (Q & A 73-81)

Section/Song #9  “The Pictures of Grace”  (Q & A 82-87)

Section/Song #10  “The Model Lord’s Prayer”  (Q & A 88-95)

           (Section/Song #7 is best spread out over several weeks.)