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The  95  QUESTIONS  in

The Story of God and Man

Empowering 3 generations with a classic Biblical world view in a 192-page, full-color children’s picture book with 95 rhyming Q & A’s in 10 sections/songs, in just 7 minutes a night!

Based on The Bible, The Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, The Westminster Shorter Catechism of 1647, and The Baptist Catechism of 1693.



D I D   Y O U   K N O W . . .


. . . This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation that Martin Luther’s 95 Theses sparked in 1517?

. . . The Reformation’s rapid spread was mainly due to many new Bible translations in common languages; Luther’s doctrinal music lyrics; and three new Protestant catechisms that emerged which shared a common scope and sequence?

. . . In colonial America, one of those catechisms was included in the New England Primer of 1778 for first graders to learn about God and His ways as they learned to read?

. . . Over 80% of people coming to Christ do so between the ages of 4 and 14 — thus, the ripest field for His harvest?


Well, this is what inspired me to create the 95 Questions, a blending of all three catechisms into 95 rhyming Q & A’s and packaged as a 192-page children’s picture book/curriculum called The Story of God and Man, to pass along a trans-denominational Biblical world view from generation to generation — an epic voyage!

The tender act of reading, singing, and praying with children and grandchildren is the best discipleship in the world, plus, it makes memorization virtually automatic . . . for all of you.

Sample page and all ten song clips are below.

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BON VOYAGE!   – Pastor Mark, Ft. Myers, Florida

Dr. Mark Gonzales has been a pastor for over 35 years, and a writer, radio Bible teacher, and pastoral consultant to Awana International and the 4/14 Global Movement, and currently serves just over a hundred southwest Florida churches as the Executive Director of the Royal Palm Association of Churches, SBC.  You can reach him at 239-433-2292, or




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Song #1 "The Knowledge of God" (Q & A's #1 - 6)

by Phillip Gonzales | The Story of God and Man – Musical Album * Click play arrow to listen

llll   Lead vocals: Phillip Gonzales  *  Background vocals: Adam’s Road band (former Mormons and our good friends!)   llll

 S E C T I O N / S O N G  #1   L Y R I C S

Q 1  Why is it that man is here?   A.  To glorify God forever with cheer.

Q 2  What book did He give us to direct us, His own?   A.  His infallible Scripture, the Bible alone.

Q 3 What do the Scriptures primarily teach?   A.  They teach what a man should believe, do, and preach?

Q 4  Who and what is our God up above?   A.  He is holy, eternal. He’s the Spirit, the Dove.  He’s unchangeable wisdom. He is justice and love.

Q 5  Are there other true gods under the sun?   A.  Only our God is living. The Lord God is one.

Q 6  How many persons in the Godhead, yet still one?  

A.  There are three in one substance, all equal, all one:  God the Father, the Spirit, and Jesus the Son.

 Songs composed by Phillip Gonzales  *  Click play arrows below for sample audio clips.